Taking care of your skin for years to come

Welcome to CCOCO BEAUTY, Asia's premium skin care brand with aesthetic clinics across the world.

CCOCO BEAUTY is Asia’s only premium skin care brand with aesthetic clinic background, targeted for women and men of all skin types and ages; developed with Dermatologists and Formula Scientists.

Originated from dermatology expertise and research, headquartered in Shanghai with European Regional Headquarters in London, UK, Oceania Regional Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

CCOCO BEAUTY has over 20 years of experience in skin care and cosmeceuticals. We are committed to creating the most advanced products and skin treatments using the most effective bio-actives and world leading devices. Our global R&D team of dermatologists and formulation experts are dedicated to the innovation of clinical level skin care products with natural, organic and pure ingredients using advanced biotechnology and techniques.

Apart from our advanced skin care range, CCOCO BEAUTY has introduced its full line of clinical offerings with advanced skin management centers, cosmetic clinics, and cosmetic surgery hospital, currently we have covered multiple major cities in China, as well as London, UK, Melbourne, Australia and Osaka, Japan.

In our Melbourne clinic, we offer a broad range of treatments, including beauty facials, medical grade facials, cosmetic injectables, digital skin imaging and cosmeceuticals through to laser, radio frequency and all the latest technologies.

At CCOCO BEAUTY, we believe everyone is unique, just like their skin and we will formulate a tailored treatment plan that is perfect for you.

To arrange your consultation for face and skin treatment in Melbourne, please contact us at CCOCO BEAUTY.

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From Supply to Production

For more information about our range of face, body and skin treatments in Melbourne, please get in touch with us at CCOCO BEAUTY.

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