Alma Harmony XL Pro (Special Edition) is a powerful, all-inclusive treatment solution for a wide range of aesthetic needs that can help us to address your specific skin issues anywhere on the face or body, whatever your age. This system uses multiple modules and offers a full spectrum of light and laser technologies, applicators, tips and treatment methods to provide powerful solutions for skin remodelling including treating thread veins, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture, acne, and more. Each technology and treatment approach offered by the Harmony XL Pro (SE) modules has a first-rate safety record and is proven in extensive clinical studies, with the system being FDA-approved to treat 72 different skin issues. Harmony XL Pro (SE) is suitable for all skin types and offers faster, longer-lasting results and fewer treatment sessions than other laser solutions.


What issues can Harmony XL Pro be used to treat?

  • Thread veins:
 Varicose and spider veins are blood vessels that become enlarged and visible due to weakened valves, which cause blood to pool rather than flow through to the heart. Harmony’s vascular treatments offer an effective, non-invasive solution that closes these veins and reduces or eliminates their appearance. Using advanced light, laser and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), Harmony’s Dye-VL module targets the affected blood vessels beneath the skin, leaving you with smooth, clear skin and renewed confidence. The treatments are safe and effective and provide reliable, long-term results.

  • Pigmentation:
 Ageing, sun damage and hormonal changes can affect the distribution of colour (melanin) in your skin, leading to the appearance of sun spots, age spots, or melasma – a dark, patchy facial discolouration condition. Harmony’s Dye-SR module uses light-based and laser treatments to remove the appearance of spots and pigmentation by targeting the melanin in the darkened area, clearing all layers of the pigmentation, and revealing even-toned, unblemished skin. The treatments are specially designed for comfort and are safe and effective for all skin types, including dark skin tones.

  • Acne:
 Harmony’s ClearSkin acne laser treatment uses a combination of laser technology, simultaneous contact cooling for more comfortable treatment and a unique vacuum mechanism to treat all forms of acne vulgaris. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, has no side effects and achieves a clearer, smoother complexion with lasting results.

  • For questions:

    Epipigmental lesions
    Such as uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, freckles, sunburn, age spots, etc.

    Skin tube lesions
    Such as dilation of tubules, distillers grains, port wine stains, angiomas, etc.

    Mild to moderate inflammatory acne
    Such as hormone-dependent inflammation, sensitive skin, fine lines, etc.


    What happens during a Harmony XL Pro (SE) treatment?

    The exact nature of your treatment will depend on the issues we aim to treat and the Harmony XL Pro (SE) module or combination of modules that we need to use. We will explain more about what you can expect at your initial consultation.
    How soon should I be able to see the results of my treatment?

    Again, how soon you see the results of your treatment will depend on the nature of your individual procedure. For example, acne treatment, may need several sessions for you to see the best outcomes.
    How long should the results last?

    The results of your treatment will again depend on which modules we use and why. We will give you a better idea of what to expect at your initial consultation.
    Are there any side effects?

    The side effects and downtime associated with a Harmony XL Pro (SE) treatment will depend on the nature of your treatment and which module(s) we will be using. You should not need to take any downtime after a thread vein treatment. If you have a Harmony treatment for hyperpigmentation, you may want to time your treatment for a quiet week as the pigmentation may initially look darker before it improves. Before you have any treatment, we will talk to you in detail about any potential side effects and downtime so that you can plan ahead and make an informed decision.
    Will I need to take time off after my treatment?

    As we’ve explained above, most people are able to carry on with their day as usual after their Harmony XL Pro (SE) treatment, but it will depend on what module(s) we use. Downtime will be needed if you have a treatment for hyperpigmentation.
    Do I need to avoid any activities after the treatment or follow a specific aftercare regime?

    After any treatment we’ll give you detailed aftercare instructions that relate to your procedure, so you know what to do and what to expect. Your happiness and satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. After your treatment, you will be given a 24-hour contact telephone number so you can get in touch at any time should you have any worries or concerns